Caleb Reynolds



Photos by Julia Gerace

Age:   12  

Hair:   Light Brown    Weight:   90lbs

Eyes:   Blue                        Height:    5’ 0’’                                           


Extremely Loud &                                   Oskar Acting Double and         

   Incredibly Close                               Schoolboy                                Stephen Daldry/Warner Bros.



Hartford Symphony Orchestra

Masterwork and Pops! Series          Vocalist                                       Bushnell Theatre

An Enemy of the People                  Ejlif                                          Playhouse on Park

A Christmas Carol                               Boy Scrooge/Fred’s Child       Hartford Stage

Willy Wonka                                          James                              Hartford Children’s Theatre

Into the Woods                                        Jack                                        Hartford Children’s Theatre

Geppetto & Son                                        Pinocchio                                    Hartford Children’s Theatre

Babes in Toyland                                        Jack                                        Hartford Children’s Theatre

Honk, Jr.                                                Froglett                                       Hartford Children’s Theatre

Pinocchio                                                Geppetto                                     Lewis Mills Theatre



Blue Planet, Red Planet                  Aiden                              NASA Science Museums



Prodigy Travel System                 Spokesperson                 Jake Kahn/Flatiron Works

Mother Goose Club                                 Boy                                             Sockeye Media, LLC



William Conacher and

B.T. McNicholl-                                                                                         On-Camera Scene Study

Actor’s Gym                                                                                         Reno Venturi

Evjen Academy of Performing Arts-                                          Dance:  Bryan Smith

Connecticut Children’s Choir-                                                              Singing:  Dr. Stuart Younse

Bushnell Performing Arts Youth Collective-                                      Acting/Singing:  Michael Lamb   

University of Hartford Hartt School-                                                  Voice:   Louise Fateux

Hartford Children’s Theatre

·    Classes:  Commercial Acting, Voiceover Acting, Comedy Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Monologue Development, Audition Intensives


SPECIAL SKILLS:   Singing (Soprano), Pantomime, Improvisation, Comedy, Drawing, Juggling, Whistling, Valid passport, Bike Riding, Some sign language, Computer skills, yo-yo tricks


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