Cristina Santiago



Photos by Julia Gerace


La Carreta                             Lead, Doņa Gabriela                New Way Productions

Passion Play                           Lead, Mary                                Crossroads Cathedral

Showboat                               Ensemble Cast               Little Theatre of Manchester


Exposure                                Carla                                               Patrice Hamilton        

In Bloom                                 Background                                  Vadim Perelman, Dir.

Red Doors                             Physician                                      Georgia Lee, Dir.


I Never (pilot)                         Bar Patron                                     Oden Roberts, Dir.


Advanced Acting and Scene Study With Reno Venturi                  Actors Gym, LLC

Intermediate Acting with Lisa Brailoff                    New England Academy of Theater

Acting for Film and Television                               New England Academy of Theater

Getting work in TV Commercials & Beyond       

With Breanna Benjamin                                         New England Academy of Theater

Associates in Communications                               Manchester Community College

 Special Skills

Fluent in Spanish, drive stick shift, dance Salsa, audio/video editing, camera work.

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