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“There are as many acting methods out there as there are actors.  Each one of us – each one of my students – is unique.  The thrill for me, as a teacher, is to tap into that uniqueness and watch my actors grow.  How is that done? By first accepting that there is no one technique that fits all.  Stanislavski, Meisner, and others have their place – which is why I’ve spent the past 35 years studying their work.  That said, my immediate goal when I coach people is to discover exactly how each one learns, and then to hone in on what is specifically needed.  Individual students have invested more time than others in certain areas: auditioning skills, cold reading, dropping regional accents, projecting, improving movement – the list is endless.  The common thread through all of it is that I believe you can only build on a solid foundation.  Which means that an actor’s fundamental tool – his confidence in himself and his work – is reinforced even as he works on what needs to be developed.  It is work.  But, as I’ve said, it’s thrilling.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the process.”

 Reno Venturi


Reno Venturi is a Producer/Director, Casting Director, CEO Actors Gym, Writer, owner of Lets Do This Productions & Acting Coach who has many professional credits to his name. Most recently he Directed, Produced and Cast a feature film in CT titled "The Dangerfields" which is now available on Amazon Prime. Additionally he Produced, cast and had a major role in The Fire Fly Jay which has now achieved multiple awards all over the world including best short at Cannes. He also garnered the award for best supporting actor in the same film.  He was also the Director/Writer for a reality TV series, "Cast Iron Ladies."  Reno is the director and producer of the popular web series “Pleading Sanity” and “Diogenes and two more projects in development. He is also know for directing films such as, “Best I Can, “Into The Darkness” and “The Coyote” additionally writing and directing multiple commercials. Reno has directed many award-winning shows such as Gypsy, Cabaret, Nuts and Brighton Beach Memoirs, to name a few. His performances include productions of Man of La Mancha, The Fantasticks,"1940's Radio Show" and The Diaries of Adam and Eve shown in venues throughout California, Missouri, Boston, Maine, FL, CT and New York. In addition to Reno's stage credits, he has many acting & directing credits including national & regional commercials, TV, films and Indie project films including the Sundance Film Festival. He has taught acting for Yale University, Sacred Heart University, UCLA, New England Academy of Theatre and High Desert Talent Agency as well as for schools and colleges in California, Connecticut & New York. Reno has directed & Produced the "Short & NEAT One-Act Play Festival”, which is a staple of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, since 2000. Previously the Vice President of Tripeg Film Studios and Artistic Managing Director of the New England Academy of Theatre, he now owns and operates his own acting, producing & talent company, the Actors Gym located in Hamden, CT with an office in Manhattan. For the past 15 years Reno has been working as a casting director for several productions, Film, TV and commercials, including Flat Iron Works, Love and Co.,CVS, NutriSystems, Lexus, AT&T, Delta, Mitsubishi, to name a few, and several soaps and has been responsible for finding acting jobs for aspiring new talent On and off Broadway. Most recently the role of Jane Banks in Mary Poppins on Broadway was given to one of his younger actors from the “Actors Gym.” He currently has a very successful show, he directed and helped develop, on tour, "Nipples To The Wind." The NY Times Praised Reno for the work he has been doing with actors calling him “a force to be reckoned with” and citing “whatever he is doing at the Actors Gym he is doing right!”      

Reno Venturi is an actor's advocate who main objective is to prepare actors to have the advantage.   In recent years he has been casting for regional and national projects in Live Stage, Film and Commercials. Most recently, for such projects as NutriSystem, Prodigy, Kids R Us, Yale Medical Center Kids and the Smilow Cancer Institute to name a few.