The Business of the "Business"

A Saturday Acting Bootcamp

With Emily Webster (Emily Schulman)

Adult  14 - to Infinity

NEW CLASS ADDED April 10, 2010

This Saturday intensive is for anyone who wants to get into the TV, Film & Commercial business and learn the secrets to refine their craft.

Many people have the dream of breaking into Show Business one day in their life. While many have the inborn talent to make it big others have to work hard to polish it. Irrespective of the category you fall into, everybody has to plan and take the right approach to get a break in Showbiz. Remember success doesn't come overnight; you have to work hard to be moderately successful and even harder to make it big in Show Business.

This TV, Film & Commercial show biz primer will give you the tools you need. Gain first hand knowledge and experience with a successful, well respected industry professional who has worked on both sides of the camera.

Emily will share her first hand experience with you covering topics such as

*determining YOUR TYPE, finding the authentic you in each role

*camera and cue card techniques

*breaking down sides – secrets from producers and casting directors regarding why they select certain scenes as the “copy” or “sides”

*deciphering and decoding the difference in commercial genres

*working with your props – who is the star of this commercial?

*how to handle spokesperson roles/commercial monologues

*telling the story/finding the character

*creating an on camera presence – from the slate to self presentation

*what goes on behind the scenes – info that will transform your approach to the craft

*sharpening the knives – getting your headshot and resume dlp (dead letter perfect)

*improv improv improv til you bleed – understanding the key elements of your participation in telling the story

*working with difficult actors or directors

*the psychology to turn callbacks into bookings

*memorization devices – how professionals prepare

*when you fall, where you go and more!

  Plus an open forum with an opportunity to ask the important questions you have on your mind.

Class Size Is Limited!

Adults - Ages: 14 - Infinity  

Date: Saturday -  March 20, 2010  - SOLD OUT

NEW CLASS ADDED - April 10, 2010

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Fee:  $159

ADULT - $159.00 - April 10, 2010
$129.00- Adult On-Going student *

*(Currently registered for or taking a class at the "Gym")

Tuition assistance is available

Emily Schulman

A thirty-year veteran of the entertainment world, Emily (Schulman) Webster found her earliest success in front of the camera.  As a child actress she appeared in over 200 commercials before being cast in the early FOX hit Small Wonder.  A five year run on that series catapulted her career:  leading to two Youth in Film Awards, five nominations, and starring roles in such films as Troop Beverly Hills and Caddie Woodlawn.  Her final project as an actress, the Emmy award winning Christy on CBS, found her working alongside such highly respected talent as Tyne Daly and Tess Harper.

Retired from the trade at the grand age of 17, Emily decided to shift her focus to the other side of the camera.  After attending Bennington College in Vermont, and the American Musical Dramatic Academy in NY, she took her first assistant position at Cunningham, Escott, Dipini and then carried over to Schiffman, Ekman, Morrison and Mann (SEMM) in New York City.  Upon returning to Los Angeles, Emily worked for Abrams Artists, before establishing her own commercial department at Acme Talent & Literary.  Fifteen years later, she transitioned her highly respected division to TalentWorks LA, before relocating her family to the Connecticut shoreline.              



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