For those actors who are serious about taking it to the next level!

Auditioning, Cold Reading and Self Marketing 101
Make your auditions stand out, fortify your cold reading skills, and get a strong handle on your self-marketing techniques

Cold reading and auditioning with confidence is an essential component of any actorís training. This class covers essential skills that can be developed and deepened for use in any audition situation whether itís for film, television, commercial work or theatre. The key component for auditioning when it involves cold reading is the ability to take apart new material quickly and work on-the-spot to add depth to the character and the scene which is brand new to the actor.

We will film and critique most all of the audition material.

Some highlights include:

Auditioning and making an impression

Using your sides

Getting off the page

Breaking down the scene                  

Dealing with the Casting Director

Handling the room

The do's and don'ts of an audition

and so much more!

One way to land repeat auditions is to become a great cold reader. In my 40 plus years of professional experience from being an actor, becoming a busy Casting Director, Teaching Actors and being an Acting Coach, I rarely find the skill of cold reading mastered.

In my personal observation as many as 80 percent of all actors donít even come close to having good cold-reading skills, much less master-level. These are actors going out on serious auditions! It just doesnít make sense.

​This workshop will provide the insight you're looking for so you can become better equipped the next time you are asked to read something cold at an audition.

To top off this Triple Header Saturday we will address all your questions about self marketing, how to get the best results and taking advantage of all the opportunities available to Actors. We will be covering self marketing A to Z including the 10 questions every actor should ask themselves.

Evaluating: Effect self marketing materials, Head shot, resume, Social Media, Free or low cost marketing resources, Work Ethic, Who to trust, Interviewing, Building an excellent reputation, Building a Brand, Finding representation and when do you really need it and more!

Come join us Saturday and get your career on the right track!

Water, coffee and soda provided

Saturday August 22, 2020

11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

(Lunch break provided)

Actors Gym Studio

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Classes held at The Actors Gym Studio

3013 Dixwell Ave.,  Hamden, CT 

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