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Now Casting - COMMERCIAL


Pay - $300

Non Union

Flat Iron Productions

Directed by Jake Kahn

Shooting between Darien and New London, CT

Casting: Actors Gym, LLC

CD: Reno Venturi


1 male Age 3 – 4

1 male Age 6 – 10

1 male – early 20s

1 male 30s

1 male 60s – 70s

1 female Age 6 – 10

1 female teens – early 20s

3 female 20s

2 female 30s – 40s

1 female 50s – 60s

1 female 60s – 70s

African American:

1 male Age 2 - 3

1 male teens - early 20s

1 male 30s

1 female 20s

2 female 30s


1 male Age 2 - 3

1 male late 20s – early 30s

1 male 50s – 60s

1 female Age 8 – 10

1 female teens – early 20s

1 female 20s


1 female Age 8 – 10

2 female 30s

Shooting 1 day between June 10 and 20th, 2014

Self Report

Please send head shot & Resume to Reno Venturi at for consideration. Add “YNHH” to subject line.

Please name your photo and resume file with your name.

 No links please

No calls please

Thank you!





CVS Casting
Now Casting - Commercial
Client: CVS
Non Union 
Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC
Father - 30’s 40’s
Daughter - 7 - 10
All ethnecities
Location: Key Biscayne, FL
Shoot: March 2, 2013
Please submit head shots
To be filmed in Key Biscayne, FL. Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to . Add “CVS” to subject line.
Hard copies can be mailed to:
Please, no phone calls.





Now Casting Commercial
Non Union
Client - Staples
Casting - Reno Venturi, Actors Gym, LLC
Shooting - Either February 12 or 13th.
One Day Shoot
Location - Framingham, MA


This will be a video Audition.
Strong acting skills and expressive faces required.

Staples Rep – Male in his 40’s. Good looking, charismatic. “Techie” look.

Procurement Manager – Male or female. Age late 40’s/early 50’s. Friendly, problem solver, dependable, detail-focused, organized, self-motivated – decisions are her/his own.

Facilities Manager – Male in his 50’s. Systematic, detail oriented, problem-solver, capable and assertive. Master of the spreadsheet.

IT Director – Male. Mid 40’s. IT Director type.

CFO – Male or Female Person would be in their mid 50’s. Visionary, driven, confident, seasoned, intuitive, inspiring.  Strong competitive streak.

Please submit head shot and resume to for consideration. A copy of the script will be sent to you if client is interested. It will need to be filmed and submitted. A recorded Skype audition is possible.

Please include “Staples” in Subject Line.

No calls please

This will notice will also be posted on BackStage and NYCastings




Casting for Short Film

Paid: $100 a day

2 - 4 days possible

Film: The Conservatory

Period: 1800’s


Director: Jim Canty

Non Union

CD: Reno Venturi

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC

Must be available for a live audition at the Actors Gym Performance Space in Hamden, CT Saturday, September 13.



Female, 35-50 Thin, tight, nervous and twitchy.  Essentially  harridan.  She hasn't had sex with Gustave in years.  Sexually frustrated and imprisoned by what the audience perceives as Victorian restraint. No nudity but masturbation may be implied/shown tastefully. Her emotions cantankerous demeanor can turn to fear and hysteria quickly.  Frankly, she is a nightmare until she is sated by the (re)maculation of Gustave at the end of the story.  Joan Allen type.



Male, 35-50 Portly,  gone to fat, given up on sex with his long suffering wife who he now considers a shrew to hide from.   Gives the impression that he wants to live a quiet life .  Is he happy in himself? Sexually frustrated.  He fancies himself a fine piano player too.  Semi-nudity required (buttocks only).  Needs to move from docile to manly determination in a short period of time.  



Female, 16-25, and Palmyre's maid.   Beautiful, willowy, graceful. Demure but subservient when chastened by Palmyre.  Most of her performance will be with looks and eyes.



Shoot Location: CT

Shooting Mid to late November (flexible)


Please send head shot & Resume to Reno Venturi at


 for consideration. Ad “Conservatory” to subject line.


No calls please


The Actors Gym & Talent





Now Casting

Casting for PRINT AD


$300 - $400 depending on how long needed

Client: WB MASON

Commercial  Print Ad

Non Union

CD - Reno Venturi

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC


Asian Boy 7 - 10

Asian Woman (Mom) 35 - 45

Hispanic Woman (Mom) 30 - 35

Hispanic Girl 9 -12


Casting for PRINT AD


$300 - $400 depending on how long needed

Client: WB MASON

Commercial  Print Ad

Non Union

CD - Reno Venturi

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC

Asian Boy 7 - 10

Asian Woman (Mom) 35 - 45

Hispanic Woman (Mom) 30 - 35

Hispanic Girl 9 -12


Location: CT

Self report

 Please send head shot & Resume to Reno Venturi at

 for consideration. Ad “Mason” to subject line.

 No calls please

Now Casting 

Now Casting

Now Casting - Senior Print Ad’s


$200 - $250

Non Union 

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC

Ages: 60 - 80

Men and Women

Client: Whitney Center, a Retirement Living Community.

Location: Hamden, CT

Shoot: June 20, 21, 2012

Please submit head shots

To be filmed in Hamden, CT. Experience preferred but all will be considered. 

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 by Monday, May 14, 2012. Add “Senior” to subject line.

Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym

3013 Dixwell Ave

Hamden, CT 06518

Please, no phone calls.


Non Union
Needed Immediately
Male Actors, 60’s for Hospital Spot Commercial,
To be filmed the first part of February.
Please submit head shot & resume to
Reno Venturi
No calls please.


Now Casting - Paid/Non Union

Delta Dental Commercial

FlatIron Works Production

20's, 30's 40's

Send Head Shot and Resume to:

Cut off Saturday March 26th

Films April 7th

No calls Please


Now Casting - Feature Film
Project - “Diamond Ruff”
Starring - Fredro Starr, Michael Colyer & Felicia Person
Paid - SAG Ultra low budget 
Union/Non Union
To be filmed in CT - September 2011
Director -  Award Winning Alec Asten
Casting - Actors Gym & Talent
Casting - Reno Venturi

20 - 30 yr old female. Attractive, sexy and sassy blonde who is a top of the line escort. Due to her high end clients, she’s traveled the world and lives life on the high side. She has an expensive drug habit and enjoys it almost as much as she enjoys manipulating men.

20 - 30 male. Handsome, and debonaire Latino. He knows how to make a women melt in his hands and considers himself to be created in god’s image. He has no fear and loves all women.
50 - 70 yr old Male, Caucasian. Down and out klutz. He always tries his best, but always  ends up with egg on his face. 

Elderly female, Black. At times she slips into senility, but is still a powerhouse of energy. She loves life and god and lives with her teenage grand daughter. Her days usually consists of watering her plants, watching Jerry Springer, and fretting over how the young act today, which continually cause her to quote scripture.

30’s - late 40’s white female, She is crafty and slick and has a reputation as one of the sharpest lawyers in the city. She is not afraid to pull dirty punches to win a case and is known as being a viper.

8 - 10 year old boy, black. He may be shorter than his peers but he’s a street smart kid that’s wiser than his years. He likes art and literature, but he is a thief of the streets and uses his youthful appearance as a disguise to promote his con game.

30‘s - 50‘s male. Tough as a brick house, this Italian henchman is more than a match for most. He doesn’t say much, and would rather crush you than engage in polite conversation.

BACKGROUND - All Ages / No Pay - Copy Meals and Credit

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to by Tuesday, August 30, 2011. “Diamond” in subject line.


Hard copies can be mailed to:
Actors Gym / Reno Venturi
3013 Dixwell Ave.
Hamden, CT 06518
Please, no phone calls.

Now Casting - Industrial/Commercial
Non Union 
Casting - Actors Gym & Talent, LLC
All Ages and Etnicities 
Client: Gnarly Bay, Inc

To be filmed in-and-around RI. Experience preferred but all will be considered. Must be available for an interview/audition.
Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to by Monday, August 15, 2011. Add “Industrial” to subject line.
Hard copies can be mailed to:
Actors Gym
3013 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT 06518
Please, no phone calls.

These are all non-speaking roles,$200-$500
Each role would only be a 1 day gig.
Caucasian Family
Mom - 30's/40's 
Dad - 30's / 40's
Son - 6-8
Daughter - 5-7

Asian Family
Mom - 30's
Son - 13

African American Family
Mom - Late 30's
Dad - late 30's
Child - 9 
Child - 6

Mixed Group of friends (College age), tailgating and concert locations
2 x 20's male, mixed race
2 x 20's female, mixed race
10 x mixed race + gender Extras

Hispanic Family
Dad - early 30's 
Mom - early 30's
Teen Son 
Teen Daughter 

Caucasian Family
Dad - 40's
early teen girl 
early teen girl's friend (can be mix race)

Mixed group of friends, lake location
African Anerican woman shooting photos late 20's early 30's
2 x male friends late 20's early 30's mixed race

Caucasian Family, 
Mom - early 40's late 30's
Dad -early 40's late 30's
Daughter - 5/6 in house 
Son - 8 on beach 
Dog - labridoodle?

Asian Girl - 4 - 5 yrs old 
Multiple mixed race friends also 4 -5 years old

Hispanic Family, 
Mom - 40 
Dad - 40's 
Teen son - 13 
Daughter - 7 


Independent feature film, “BRILLIANT MISTAKES”, to be directed 
by Litchfield’s Paul Brighton, seeking to fill several principal and supporting 
roles, all ethnicities welcome. 
SAG/AFTRA/Non Union 
SHOOT DATES- Sept 15th thru Oct 15th, 5 days/week, possible weekends, 12-14 hr days 
REHEARSAL DATES- Aug 6th thru Sept 14th, must have flexible availability 
COMPENSATION: TBD based on experience & role- Film and IMDB credit, Travel expenses or Lodging TBD as needed 
LOCATION: Litchfield, CT and surrounding areas 
“BRILLIANT MISTAKES” is about Marcus, a young 24 year old Connecticut English teacher. His young girlfriend, Gabby is driving to her job at the bakery and is struck by texting driver. Gabby is left in a vegetative state and can no longer speak or walk. Marcus had previously promised to marry Gabby, and while the values instilled by his well-respected parents are ingrained in Marcus, he succumbs to two trust-worthy people who pull him in opposite directions. This causes Marcus to get sideswiped and question his loyalties.Marcus is consumed by his love, his values, and his guilt for meandering on his path to fulfilling his promise. 
In the end, we see a young man who finally comes full circle to embrace life's unexpected surprises.
WHEN: Saturday, July 9, 2011 9am -7pm (flexible availability f/rereads) 
WHERE: UpCrown Studios - 216 Crown Street, New Haven, CT (easily accessible by car or metro-north train, walking distance from the New Haven-State Street station) 
Bring current headshot, resume, dress in/bring wardrobe as character 
For Sides visit
Questions to, subject “Brilliant Mistakes” 
[[MARCUS WRIGHT] 24, Caucasian, easygoing, boyish good looks,
happy by nature. Raised New England upper-middle-class, Marcus is
in his first year teaching English at a local high school. But
when his deeply beloved fiancée Gabby becomes paralyzed and brain
damaged from a car accident, Marcus realizes that his loyalty to
her-- a value instilled by his father who he genuinely likes and
respects-- is gradually challenged. In this most difficult time,
Marcus finds himself in questionable relationships with both
Gabby’s mother (Sandra) and a writer (Elliot), bringing conflict
he could never have prepared for...(2) LEAD
[ELLIOT THURSTON] 27, Caucasian, rock star handsome, exudes an
instantly magnetic presence. Elliot has longish hair, is sort of
aloof, poetic, somehow looks fashionable from another era, a
young Keats. He is a published novelist, but lives off an
inheritance. Free-spending, intelligent, witty and fun, Elliot
and Marcus become close and while there may be sexual overtones,
their relationship remains platonic. Elliot has a thousand-watt
smile, but also an enigmatic private inner turmoil...(42) CO-LEAD
[SANDRA PENNEY] late 40s, Caucasian, attractive middle-aged,
Gabby’s mother. Divorced and living off her ex-husband with both
Gabby and her sister, Sandra breaks down after Gabby’s accident.
She becomes promiscuous, drinks too much, and, bonding with
Marcus over their mutual loss, tries to become his Mrs.
Robinson...(3) STRONG SUPPORT
[GABRIELLE PENNEY (GABBY)] 23, Caucasian, pretty redhead
(preferred, not required), Marcus’s fiancée. Fun-loving,
adorable, with an innocent playful wit, we fall in love with
Gabby in flashbacks. She and Marcus were the perfect couple...(1)
[ERIN PENNEY] 19, Caucasian, Gabby’s younger sister. Erin’s anger
and bitterness in the wake of her sister’s accident become
directed at her mother and Marcus. Erin is protective of her
older sister and essentially our Greek chorus, voicing audience
feelings and concerns...(3) STRONG SUPPORT
[TINA WRIGHT] 49-52, Caucasian, Marcus’s mother. Tina owns a real
estate office in town. Well-mannered and privileged, but without
affectation or pomp, Tina shows motherly concern for Marcus and
is the glue that holds the family together...(3) STRONG SUPPORT
[BERNARD WRIGHT] 52-55, Caucasian, Marcus’s father. New England
old money, CEO of an investment company. Bernard has instilled in      
his son a deep sense of the value of loyalty, and has maintained
a genuinely sincere relationship with him. But when Bernard
becomes suspicious of Marcus’s relationship with Elliot he has
difficulty expressing himself...(3) STRONG SUPPORT
[JANET HAYES] 60s, vivacious, brash and colorful, Valerie Harper
type. Janet, a true character, is a grief counselor from New York
City and she provides something akin to comic relief in the
[CURT PENNEY] 50, Caucasian, Gabby’s father, lovable face with
crescent eyes, like Burt Lahr as the Cowardly Lion. After Sandra
left him, Curt lives alone on what was the family farm. Following
a long period of adjustment to his wife’s absence, Curt is again
pursuing his hobby of refinishing antique furniture. Strong
relationship with Gabby and has real camaraderie with
Marcus...(12) SUPPORT
[DR. BAUMAN] 45, Gabby’s doctor. With professional care, Dr.
Bauman delivers the awful news to Gabby’s loved ones at the
hospital...(3) SUPPORT
[KIRSTEN] 30s-40s, real estate office assistant to Tina. Kirsten
is helpful, empathetic and respectful...(17) SUPPORT
[HEADMASTER KESSLER] (Marcus’ superior) 
-Caucasian, possible German or Dutch / late 50's 
Character is distinguished gentleman who is concerned for Marcus 
[STUDENTS #1, #2 AND #3 ]
- Male or Female / any ethnicity / 16 
Character(s) are prep school, uniform wearing students of Marcus’ 
-any ethnicity, heavy accent / 30-40 /slightly overweight 
Character is Gabby’s demure, kind home care provider 
- any ethnicity / 30's 
Character is attendee to grief counseling meetings 
- any ethnicity / late 40's 
Character is attendee to grief counseling meetings 
- African-American / late 60's 
Character is attendee to grief counseling meetings 
-Indian, African-american or Asian / mid 30's 
-Caucasian / mid 30's / dark hair 
[OLD MONEY LADY #1 and #2 ]
-Caucasian / mid -late 70's / white-grey hair / well dressed, uppity Anglo looks 
[JENNA]- (Brett’s girlfriend) 
-Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic / 20's / pretty and preppy 
[BRETT]- (Jenna’s boyfriend) 
- Caucasian / 20's / handsome rugged “Jock” type 
-any ethnicity / 30's / good looking 
Character meets Sandra at a bar 
-Male / Caucasian / mid 20's / preppy good looks 
            needed for several group scenes 
-any ethnicity / ages 18 and older 

Now Casting - Paid/Non Union

Delta Dental Commercial

FlatIron Works Production

20's, 30's 40's

Send Head Shot and Resume to:

Cut off Saturday March 26th

Films April 7th

No calls Please


For New England Residents 

(FLORIDA Listing below) 

Now Casting - SMILOW at Yale - Commercial

Project -SMILOW


Pay Range $200 to $400 Non Union

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent

Talent - Variety ages and types

Production Company- FlatIron Works

Director - Jake Kahn

Casting - Reno Venturi

Looking for Multiple Ethnicity Actors

Must be available for a go-see Thursday, November 18, 2010, at Tripeg Film Studios in Hamden Connecticut. (By Invitation Only)

Shooting early in December

If you were cast in the “Yale New Have Children's Hospital” please do NOT submit.

Break downs:

Men - 30’s , 40’s, 50’s, early 60’s

Women - 30‘s, 40’s

Boys & Girls ages 5 - 10

Extras - Male/Female Mixed ages.


Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 by Thursday, November 17, 2010. Please add “SMILOW” Commercial to subject line.


Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym/ Reno Venturi

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

Please, no phone calls.


Now Casting - SMILOW at Yale - Commercial


Project -SMILOW


Pay Range $200 to $400 Non Union

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent

Talent - Variety ages and types

Production Company- FlatIron Works

Director - Jake Kahn

Casting - Reno Venturi


Looking for Multiple Ethnicity Actors

South West Florida and Orlando, Shooting early in December


Must be available SKYPE AUDITION Thursday, November 18, 2010 (By Invitation Only)

If no Skype please attach video link of your work or be able to film an audition. Live Skype preferred.

Break downs:

Men - 20’s , 40’s, 50’s, early 60’s

Women -  Late teens, 20‘s, 40’s, 50’s

Boys & Girls ages 6 to Teens

1 dog who will jump in water


Extras - Male/Female Mixed ages.



Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information, and SKYPE NAME to

 by Thursday, November 17, 2010. Please add “SMILOW” Commercial to subject line.


Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym/ Reno Venturi

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

Please, no phone calls.









Now Casting - Technical School Commercial

Project - MTTI


$300 - $400 depending on role

Non Union

Casting - Actors Gym & Talent

Adults mid 20’s - early 50’s

Production Company- FlatIron Works

Director - Jake Kahn

Casting - Reno Venturi


Looking for 8 actors who can deliver lines


CASTING  20's (which is the core) but there's also a number of 40's and 50's that are

re-tooling themselves for different careers.  There are 8 program areas that we are focusing on.

Must be available for a go-see Friday, November 12, 2010 at Tripeg Film Studios in Hamden Connecticut. (By Invitation Only)

It will be shot by the way in Seekonk Ma and we're looking at shooting right before Thanksgiving.

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 by Thursday, November 11, 2010. MTTI Commercial to subject line.


Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym/ Reno Venturi

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

Please, no phone calls.



Posted - NOVEMBER 6th

Now Casting - “DREAM HOUSE”

Great Opportunity!


Playhouse on Park is looking for four actors and actually one older actress for a staged workshop production of Dream House.  Performances 11/27 8 pm and 11/28 2 pm . Equity and non Equity eligible

Mark O’Brien (Mid 40s in the Present/ages 16 to 30 in the Past), a “wonderful son” who has given up on his own dreams.  He drinks too much. This actor should be attractive, have an edge, able to see the irony especially in his mother's odd statements and habits. He is intelligent, neurotic, insecure, and funny despite himself. He has given up on life until the appearance of Ted, who rekindles his emotions and passion.

Ginnie O’Brien, Mark’s mother (late 70s in the Present/40s in the Past), a charismatic, charming woman who maintains an upbeat façade to conceal her fears. She suffers a profound narcissistic wound which she has encased in layers of charm, bubbliness, manipulativeness, fantasy, and at times grandiosity. As the play unfolds, the layers are stripped away and we see a woman increasingly desperate to hold on to the past. Not unlike Amanda Wingfield in Glass Managerie

R.J. O’Brien, Mark’s father from the Past (70s in the Present/50s in the Past), a sales executive who suddenly disappears. An attractive, maculine man, straight out of a 1960s Sears catalog, but who covers his profound desire to escape his family through emotional aloofness or drunkenness and eventual escape (must be able to play drunk well).

Dickie O’Brien Mark’s younger brother (40ish in the Present/14-30 in the Past), a successful businessman. Arrogant, a little smarmy, self possessed and emotionally constrained. Can be bitingly funny, esp in dealing with his neurotic mother.  Would be a soulless prick, if we didn't also see the vulnerability underneath caused by his father's complete rejection of him. Attractive and extremely well dressed. Own's his own business, deals with very rich clients providing financial advice. Trophy family. Must be able to also portray Dickie as a 14 year old  

Ted Wolinksi (30s/40s), an attractive, masculine carpenter, a free spirit.

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 With DREAM HOUSE in the subject line.



Now Casting - Car Dealership Commercial

Non Uniom

Project - Gengras


$400 - Speaking

$300 - Featured

$200 - Background

Non Union

Actors Gym & Talent

Production Company- FlatIron Works

Director - Jake Kahn

Casting - Reno Venturi

 Must have expressive face and good comic timing. Improv experience helpful but not necessary.

Must be available for a go-see Friday, October 1, 2010 at Tripeg Film Studios in Hamden Connecticut. 

Gengras Brand TV -   Casting SPEC


Sales Guy -  mid -30’s  - mid 40’s.  Slick/Sharp/Good looking quintessential car                               sales guy – average height.

Car buyer – Male – late 30s-40s

Extras – 2 extra Sales  (boxing corner)  Men

Referee – Older – Middle aged guy – average looking – could even be a bit bald

Corner Coach – “rocky” style old guy corner coach

*Referee is a speaking roll – sounds like typical boxing ref.


Couple -   40’s  Like to see multi-ethnic choices –

                  could be sort of non-descript ethnicity

BIG security Guard   - Built, not obese - Mid-30’s – 40’s  short hair – like an ex football player – lineman. Or bouncer type.


*Both parts are speaking roles


 Salesman – Mid to late 30s — typical, but slick  - clean cut, but potentially n

Woman – late 30s early 40s – typical mom and/or working girl

*Both parts are speaking roles

Please state what role(s) you are interested in.

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 by Thursday, September 30, 2010. Gengras Commercial to subject line.

Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

Please, no phone calls.



Now Casting - Commercial


Non Union

Actors Gym & Talent

Talent - Various

Project - “PRECIOUS”  

Needed - Boy 7 - 10 who can be dressed in a suit and come across as an adult. Must be good with copy. Any ethnicity. (Speaking)

Needed Mother and Toddler between the ages of 2 and 4 years of age. (Non-speaking)

To be filmed 4th week of September, 2010. Experience preferred but all will be considered. Must be available for an interview/audition with parent or guardian Friday Septemeber 10th at Tripeg Studios in Hamden, CT.

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

Add “Precious” to subject line.

Hard copies may be mailed to:

Actors Gym

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

ATTN: Casting, Reno Venturi

Please, no phone calls



Now Casting - Video


Non Union

Actors Gym & Talent

Adults 20 - 50s

Project - "Hydro Intervention" - VIDEO

Needed Comedic Talents - Must be available for an audition week of August 15th at Tripeg Studios, Hamden, CT.

Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to

 for imediate consideration. Add “Hydro Intervention” to subject line.


 Doc Hydro: (Male, Late 20s to early 30s) Our spokesman. A strong, intense and perhaps overly-empathetic man, imparting wisdom to the masses. His intensity is a little disconcerting, but he definitely commands a room.

Justin: (Male, early to mid 20s) Our scruffy faced dude in need of a “hydrovention.” Justin is a cool, hip, stylish, well-meaning guy on the inside – but has let his beard become ratty and unkept

Matt: (Male, early to mid 20s) Justin’s best friend, who is alarmed by his friend’s condition. Matt is clean-shaven and stylish. He’s empathetic, but also blames Justin for some recent events, where a potential hook-up was “beard-blocked” by his friend’s unruly appearance.

Jason: (Male, late 20s) Justin’s clean-shaven disinterested older brother. Jason is begrudgingly there for the sake of the family, but doesn’t seem particularly concerned about his brother’s predicament. In fact, he’s often caught texting or listening to his mp3 player in the background, hardly paying attention to the proceedings.

Jill: (Female, early to mid 20s) Justin’s sister, who is very concerned over her brother’s condition. She’s concerned that no girl would ever date him again. As a twin, they shared a lot growing up and it kills her to see Justin like this.

Lauren: (Female, early to mid 20s) Justin’s snide and sarcastic ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him when his beard-abuse got out of control. She’s there for support, but she’s also relishing the opportunity to release her pent-up anger over Justin’s hairy habits.

John, Justin’s Dad: (Male, late 40s to mid 50s) Justin’s stoic dad, a man of few words, is visibly upset at the path his son has chosen. And unknown to his family, John harbors a dark secret: his father was a hairaholic, and he witnessed beard abuse as a child. Now, he fears it’s genetic and Justin is living out this vicious cycle.

Jane, Justin’s Mom: (Female, early 40s to mid 50s) Justin’s mom is a caring and sympathetic woman, clearly distraught over her son’s condition. She laments the loss of her “smooth faced little boy” and begs him to get treatment.

Hard copies can be mailed to:

Actors Gym

Tripeg Studios

2155 State Street

Hamden, CT 06517

Please, no phone calls.



Now Accepting Applications for 

Now Casting - Commercial
Non Union 
Actors Gym & Talent
Children ages 4 - 11
Project - Yale New Haven Hospital

Needed multiple children ages 4 - 11, all ethnicities. 3 of the roles are speaking roles.
To be filmed in New Haven late August 2010. Experience preferred but all will be considered. Must be available for an interview/audition with parent or guardian.
Submit head shot (or photo) and resume including contact information to by Monday August 2, 2010. Add Yale New Haven Commercial to subject line.
Hard copies can be mailed to:
Actors Gym
Tripeg Studios
2155 State Street
Hamden, CT 06517
Please, no phone calls.

ABC Diversity Showcase - New York 

What: As part of its ongoing effort to discover and develop culturally and ethnically diverse talent and actors with disabilities, the Disney ABC Television Group's Casting Project will hold auditions for consideration for the ABC Talent Showcase. This opportunity also affords the majority of participants the chance to audition for a variety of ABC (and other networks') pilots and ongoing programming. ABC has a long-standing commitment to promoting diversity in the entertainment industry through a variety of projects administered by its Talent Development & Casting departments. The Casting Project offers an excellent opportunity for talent that might otherwise go unnoticed.   


Submission Period: May 24, 2010 – June 9, 2010

Auditions: June 14 – July 1

Call-Backs and Scene Selection Process: End of July–August

Rehearsal: September 7-22

ABC Talent Showcase at The Kirk Theater: Thursday, September 23   

Headshots and Resumes Submissions: Hardcopies Only - No Electronic Submissions 

Mailing Address: Screen Actors Guild

Diversity – ABC 2010

360 Madison Avenue, 12TH FLOOR

New York, NY  10017 

Please Read Carefully before Submitting:

1. Please submit headshots and resumes only. No tapes.

2. Participants must be available in New York City during the dates listed above.

3. Don’t submit more than once.

4. No phone calls to ABC please.

5. No submission will be accepted before or after the submission period.  

Participants for the talent showcase must be at least 18 years old. 

Professional representation is not necessary. 

ABC will contact selected actors to schedule an audition.  

______________________________ ______________________________ ___________________   


SUNDAY June 6, 2010 

An open casting call will be held for PEACE, LOVE & MISUNDERSTANDING, a feature film to be helmed by the Academy Award®-nominated director Bruce Beresford. The story, set on a rural farm and neighboring village, is a multigenerational romantic comedy starring two time Academy Award®-winning actress Jane Fonda and two time Academy Award®‐nominated actress Catherine Keener. 

Shooting will take place locally in the Hudson Valley from mid‐July through the end of August. 

The production is seeking local actors and artists for:

-male roles (ages 20‐50)

-male teenage roles (ages 16‐18)

-female roles (ages 30-50) 

Where: Marbletown Community Center

When: SUNDAY June 6 from 12–6pm

Requirements: Please bring a headshot or a recent photo. Screen Actors Guild and non-SAG artists welcome.





Actors Needed - Feature Film, American Jubilee!



Press Release

For Immediate Release

  The Feature Film, American Jubilee is currently looking for actors. 

  Filming will begin in July of this year.

This film is currently non-union, however, we may use SAG actors (this is currently under negotiations).

American Jubilee is a feature comedy with existential elements.   The screenplay was written by Ryan Casey (Director of Crushing Pennies, Executive Director of Ditch, and Producer of Sensory Perception).

To see some of Mr. Casey's past work:

Crushing Pennies Trailer -


Sensory Perception (Dir. Al Signore) Trailer -


Please see Character Breakdown below (to see if you might fit in one of the needed roles). 

  To apply, please send your headshot to -


If we find a fit, we will email you with details about auditions (we will be holding auditions in early June).


Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested in this film.

  Thanks for your interest!

American Jubilee Casting Team.


Casting Breakdown


  AVERY "Vance" McCormick

- 30, average build.  Lives at his father, OTIS' house and believes that he is staying there to take care of his womanizing father.  Avery is a follower, dabbles, not good at knowing what he's good at and/or, not good at knowing what other peoples' needs are. 


  KENZIE McCormick - 20, average to thin build.  Tries to fix things, engineer, very analytical/left-brainer, touchy, critical even of her family.  Was offered many scholarships because of her ability to understand engineering/the mechanics of how the physical world works.

  OTIS McCormick

- 60, average build.  Womanizer.  Retiring anesthesiologist.  Through exposition we realize that OTIS has an affliction of causing women to be thoroughly interested in him - years of this and his floating from woman to woman (after he and his wife divorced and she passed) is what caused his nervous breakdown. 


  JUNE "Junie" McCormick -

 45, normal build.  JUNIE has no filter on life.  But this is not necessarily a bad thing...  Junie is good at heart and sometimes wishes she could better communicate with the McCormick children.

  LYSSANDRA Catfield  - 30, Sexy.  OTIS' next semi-blind neighbor who lives above them in the two family house.  She supposedly takes care of her sick mother.  LYSSANDRA has a sharp sense of humor that stings most people. 

  RANDY "mittens" OR "the Gull" Gullchrest - 45, normal to larger build.  A local thief.  RANDY is somewhat of a cultured person - he listens to classical music in the broken down school bus he lives in.  He is somewhat hip, but this is somewhat eclipsed by his obsession with thievery.  RANDY is living his dream.

  CASSIE Bright - 23, Average to thin build.  Otis' girlfriend.  Natural beauty.  Somewhat earthy.  Smart, knows what she wants at all levels of life, calm, realist, kind, has a heart inside, loves animals (because they reciprocate love without any complications and also she likes taking care of them as she does OTIS).

  CLAUDE McCormick - 9, the youngest of the McCormicks.  Runs a gambling ring at school, has no parental discipline, using only what he sees on TV as a moral compass.  Claude is afloat in life.

  NADINE- 25 to 30, a very attractive uptight, thin to average build, uber-trendy dressed, as if she were auditioning for Fox News, reporter.

  RUDY (a.k.a. Billy the Kid) - 45, male - school principal.  Normal build.  Randy is laid-back and into Billy Joel.

  Young KENZIE - 10, female - innocent-looking; long-hair is needed for this scene. 

  Young RANDY- 5, male - slightly larger build is preferred.

  For more information, contact CT Casting Director, Dan Clark at:


Need actors for my screenwriting class finales ... which will be held at the Garde Arts Gallery on the corner of State Street & Meridian Street in New London, right across from Hanafin's Irish Pub, Wednesday, Thursday, June 9th & 10th. Actors must arrive no later than 6 PM for performances starting 6:30 PM. I will hand you scripts with the roles indicated and then you go off and practice either alone or with other actors in your scenes.


These are all sit-down readings at a table in front of the audience in the Gallery. It's not like a stage play where you get up and move around. You can do damn near whatever you want at the table ... but cannot get up. Someone will always be assigned to reading the action sequences in a very animated fashion. Screenplay presentations are unique!


(Do NOT confer with the writers beforehand. This will tell them if they've conveyed their intents clearly with the scripts. Old expression: "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage!")


As usual the grateful writers will provide food & drink for all of you and the audience, so come prepared to munch and chug. And thank you for doing this. It's the first step these writers will have in the pursuit of a dream that eventually culminates with script-to-screen.


Please e-mail me soon with a response which night(s) you can perform. Till later ~







C.P. CASTING is opening it's doors

at 537 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116

, on FRIDAY, APRIL 30,

from 11:00am until 6:00pm,

for local AFTRA/SAG MEMBERS [18+] *ONLY* to register for background work,

on the FEATURE FILM "What's Your Number?"

Starring Anna Faris


, Chris Evans


Zachary Quinto


Andy Samberg


, &
Ari Graynor


"Number" revolves around a young woman (Faris) who, with the aid of her womanizing next door neighbor (Evans), decides to re-visit all her ex-boyfriends in the hopes of finding the man of her dreams.

Anna Faris has starred in films such as "The House Bunny


" and the "Scary Movie


" series, and the (from Massachusetts) Chris Evans, best known for the "
Fantastic Four


" movies, seen now in "
The Losers


," currently in theaters, and next up Chris is set to star as
Captain America / Steve Rogers


 in the Joe Johnston-directed origin story of Marvel's iconic super soldier.

The director is Brit Mark Mylod who previously helmed "Ali G Indahouse" before moving stateside with HBO's "Entourage," on which he was a director and co-executive producer.

The movie films in the Boston area from May 14 though July 1.





Young Business Types

Bistro/Upscale Restaurant Patrons

Wait Staff

Upscale Ladies Who Lunch

Young/Hip Nightclub Goers

Barney's Department Store Shoppers

THREE Wedding Scenes

[#1] Blue Collar [#2] Italian and [#3] Young/Corporate

Wedding Guests, Bridesmaids, & Groomsmen for all THREE

Featured work, multiple days, especially for 20-somethings, and young professionals...

AT C.P. Casting, 537 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116,

on Friday, April 30,

from 11:00am until 6:00pm,

for local AFTRA/SAG MEMBERS [18+] *ONLY*

There is NO ADVANTAGE to showing up EARLY!

Please come by anytime between 11:00am and 6:00pm.

You will fill out a size card and have a photo taken.



fill it out and bring it with you to the Casting Call...


Seeking talented  reliable actor to play dual role of LT. Colombo and Lt. Cojack. Age range 30 to 45 yrs. Good looking, comedic actor needed for PAYING comedy dinner theatre show in New Haven  running summer wk.ends. Rehearsals start May 24th.

Non-equity show.   

  Auditions will be Saturday, March 20th from 1-4pm at Consiglios Restaurant, 165 Wooster St. New Haven, CT.  Please bring your resume and headshot to audition.  We look forward to meeting you.



Yale Institute for Music Theater Auditions 2010:

  Here is the LInk for the productions :

They will begin scheduling audition times on Wednesday, March 24th.  Auditions

will be held on Sunday, April 11th form 9AM-4PM for 10 Minute slots. I'm guessing they want a headshot and resume for audition slots -

  For opera, please prepare two contrasting arias, one in

English and at least one must be contemporary.

  For musical theatre, please prepare two 32 bar cuts from

contrasting songs and a contemporary monologue.



Yale Institute for Music Theatre <>



New Haven Theater Company (NHTC) will hold open auditions for several upcoming projects. Seeking actors of all ages and types. Auditions will be held Friday February 19  from 5pm to 8pm and Sunday February 21 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at 118 Court St., New Haven, CT. Possible callbacks to be held Sunday February 21 at 4pm.

Those auditioning should prepare one monologue or two contrasting monologues totaling no longer than 5 minutes in length.

New Haven Theater Company upcoming projects include:

Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me – A play about trials and tribulations of an Irishman, an Englishman and an American who are held hostage in Lebanon by Frank McGuiness. Performances in April. –

Glengarry Glen Ross – NHTC will remount their acclaimed production of David Mamet’s play about greed, job loss and the elusive American Dream. Performances in April and May.

Meter Theater – NHTC is bringing back their street theater performance group. Performances throughout the year.

The Legend of Pedro – NHTC’s Hispanic Children’s show uses movement, mask work and puppets to showcase Latin American folklore for schools throughout CT. Performances in May and June.

NHTC will be producing more projects throughout 2010 (to be announced soon), and will use this audition to consider casting for future projects.


T. Paul

  T. Paul Lowry

Creative Director/ Producer

New Haven Theater Company

203-891-5686 (o)

646-246-5686 (c)

Middle City Stage Company


Middle City Stage Company is holding open auditions on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19th and 20th, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, for two original one act plays. The auditions will be held at the offices of Triple Frog, 282 Main Street EXTENSION, Middletown, CT 06457.

We are seeking:

1 female – age 17 or 18

1 female – ages 20 to 30

1 female – ages 25 to 35

1 male – ages 25 to 35

1 male – ages 30 to 40

The plays will be part of it’s upcoming 5Arts2010 production. Rehearsals will begin in late January. The production will be staged at The Buttonwood Tree Cultural and Performing Arts Center in Middletown on Thursday, March 11th, Friday, March 12th and Saturday, March 13th, 2010.

You are encouraged to prepare two contrasting 2 minute monologues. However, readings will be available if needed. Head shots and resumes are a plus.

If you have questions please e-mail

or call 860-346-6051.

  Designers/Technicians Needed

Currently, Middle City Stage Company is not in production. But please check in every now and then for future productions.


SL Signature Casting Call

"SL Signature Production"  are looking for a talented and dedicated actors and actresses as a non-paid gig for an up and coming live performance\ movie for March 7, 2009 at Holiday Inn, Stamford, CT

  Please submit headshot or picture with resume to with letter of interest.

Please mention that you were sent to us vis the Actors Gym, LLC.

  Seeking Actor - Mr. William Howard:  Male with athletic body structure, about 6’1”, willing to get a cut if needed, layback, gentleman allure. Character Role: CEO who is head of an engineering firm that develops this new software that allows to them to predict market shares and make any business successful. Character is cocky funny and a bit flirtatious but faithful to his wife.

Seeking Actress - Mrs. Victoria Howard: Female, athletic body structure. Height ranged from 5’5 to 5’8. Character Role: Faithful God-fearing wife who has endured lonely nights and raising her daughter as if she was a single parent. She knows her husband loves her but is burden and becoming increasingly resentful by the late hours he works.

Seeking Actress - Jane Howard: Female teenager, Fair complexion; dark brown hair. Semi - athletic body structure. Character Role: Teenager, she rebels against the father but in public she has principles with her friends. She’s responsible; she likes planning her daily goals and tends to go overboard by asking a lot of redundant items on her requests.

Seeking Actor - Emmanuel Dubois: Male actor, short hair, slender, with a thick French accent. Character Role: Comedic Haitian engineer who knows the ins and outs and the software that makes Mr. Howard famous who graduated from MIT. Overdoes his expressions (most of the time verbally), which usually get others to laugh at him.

Seeking Actress - Johanna De Silva: Female actress looking young lady, very attractive, height 5’7 to 5’9, Body shape; slender, athletic abilities. Character Role: Shy and mysterious but yet seductive, business like but edgy. Looks a bit nerdy at first, she shies away when being addressed in public, blushes a lot, but is very passionate and seductive in private. She’s vulnerable but able to defend herself with martial art. When she is relaxed and laid back a tom-boyish but girly persona shines through with her bright smile. Later on will become Mr. Howard’s devoted assistant.

Seeking Actress - Roxanne Brown: Female actress, Lean body type, deep eyes, charming. Character Role: William Howard’s assistant. Never smiles, unless it’s to rejoice on someone’s unexpected defeat. Provocative, intimidating, doesn’t care about anybody. Quick witted and strong willed, with a quiet personality. Going by the book does it to purposely hurt those around her.

Seeking Actor - Reverend Peters: Male actor fit, Height ranges from 5’10 to 6’0. Character Role: Patient and gentle and very understanding and well compose. He used t to date Mrs. Howard in high school.

Seeking Actress - Patricia Gordon: Female Actress, height ranges from 5’4 to 5’8. Character Role: Head Fashion Designer, professional, preppy, Edgy and highly creative.

Seeking Actor - Ricky Young: Male Actor, age ranges from 5’8 to 6’0, fit or slender. Character Role: Marketing man, Bubbly and very feeling type of guy.

Seeking Actor - Damien Leclerc: Male actor, slender, height ranges from 5’11 to 6’1. Character Role: Second engineer. He is a prick that never gets along with Dubois. Talented, cocky, arrogant, bragger and is always brown nosing.

Seeking Actors - Character roles - Board of directors: 4 additional members - 1 Female Actress: fit, athletic or slender, height ranges from 5’4 to 5’7 - 3 Male Actors: Fit, height ranges from 5’8 to 6’0

Audition Notice for RUNAWAYS

ACT 2 THEATRE, located on the campus of Albertus Magnus College, New Haven Connecticut, will hold auditions for the musical RUNAWAYS by Elizabeth Swados. Auditions will be held at the Theatre on Friday, December 4, 2009 starting at 7 pm. Auditions are open to adult men and women of all ages and children between the ages of 9 -15. Those auditioning should bring the music they are prepared to sing.

RUNAWAYS' subject matter deals with the issue of runaway children and adults. Their life on the street and their longing for a supportive, loving family life denied them by circumstance. Runaway and abducted children and adults is a national crisis too often hidden in the shadows until one is sensationalized for a few brief news cycles. The crisis is quickly forgotten as are the many thousands of children who now must call the street a home. Many thousands of children and adults are forced out of their family unit every year with no alternative but to survive in any way available to them. RUNAWAYS was originally performed by a cast that called the street their home.

Rehearsals for RUNAWAYS will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from EARLY January through February, 2010. Performances will be Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in February, 2010.

For more information on auditions, rehearsals and performances, please, call the Theatre office at (203) 773-8584.

Boston Casting is seeking nonunion German men and women 28-35 years old.
This is for a Technology Video
Must speak english with a german accent.
Accent MUST be authentic
This will play in Germany
shoot Nov. 18-24th for one day
Job pays $400.00
If you are interested or know someone who fits this, please email ASAP

The movie “The Town” based on the book “Prince of Thieves” by Chuck Hogan
is filming at MOHEGAN SUN CASINO in CONNECTICUT on Monday, November 16, 2009.
The movie stars and is being directed by Ben Affleck.

C.P. CASTING, Inc. of Boston is seeking ADULT MEN and WOMEN, 21+
who are interested in WORKING as BACKGROUND EXTRAS in the movie
on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2009.

Extras would need to provide their own transportation to MOHEGAN SUN
and may be asked to arrive, ready to work, as early as 6:00am.

IF CHOSEN to work, these will be PAID JOBS.
Union members are paid the SAG rate for 8 hours plus overtime.
All others will be paid $100 for 11 hours work, and time and a half for overtime.
ALL extras hired will need to provide identification and documentation,
that enables them to work in the United States.
You will be paid by mail and taxes will be taken out.

You must be available ALL DAY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16
-- from early in the morning until late in the evening.



Audition Notice  

Posted 0ctober 24, 2009 - ongoing until further notice

Mention that you are from the Actors Gym!

Shooting 4 small commercial spots for the school.  We have a dental assistant, pharmacy tech, accounting and paralegal programs. 

 Need a diverse range of actors.  18-60 in age.  Male, female, any ethnicity, etc.  I am only looking for 4, one to represent each of our 4  programs.

The shoot will be 4 hours or less total and we will shoot each spot back to back at the same location, most likely at the school itself.  Actors will need to provide wardrobe such as regular street clothing and/or a suit/business attire and maybe scrubs.  We will have changing facilities, rest rooms and beverages/snacks available.  We will also pay a per diem of $50 for the shoot and provide a reel of the commercials when they are completed.  Spots will be on U-Tube and on local TV.

Interested actors submit a head shot to me by e-mail.

This is the school’s website if anyone is interested. 

 Adam Palmer

e-mail me directly



Actors Gym & Talent is seeking NONUNION audience members for the show "Deal or No Deal "  

need 20-25 non-union people for Wed, Sept 23 @ 1:30pm and Thurs, Sept 24 @ 8am. If anyone wants to work both days that's fine.

We don’t tolerate lateness or  tardiness).

Pay: $8 per hour (probably a 6hr minimum)

Visual Age: 21-35

Food is NOT included.  We offer a walk-away lunch.  You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the set.

The show shoots at Sonalysts Studio (221 Parkway North, Waterford, CT 06355).  When you get there just follow the signs for Deal or No Deal audience parking.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

If you bring a cell phone or camera with you, you will need to leave it in your car because you will not be allowed to bring it onto set.

Clothing guidelines:

  - Dress nicely (upscale or business casual) not sloppy

  - No logos

  - No shorts

  - No sunglasses

-    No hats


Please email a photo and phone number. Include ‘Deal or No Deal” in subject line.


CASTING NOW for “NutriSystem for Men”

Produced by Big Shot Pictures

Reno Venturi Casting


Excellent Pay

Several upgrades available

Must be available Friday, September 25th for Upgrade selection.

Type - 10 – 12 – Women - College Cheerleaders

Type - 8 – 10 – Men - College Football Player & heroes.

This shoot is scheduled for Thursday, October 1, tentatively. Will be filmed in CT.

On set experience preferred but not limited. All submissions will be considered.

Please send, Headshot and resume to:

(Clear photo other than headshot will be accepted)

Please submit to Actors Gym & Talent

                           Trippeg Studios

                      2155 State Street, Hamden, CT 06516

                          Attention Reno Venturi

Or submit electronically to

Direct any questions via Email Reno Venturi

Or call 203-804-7044

Seeking Child Actors for “Talk to Strangers

A Short Film

The Family Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association, a non-profit

organization, is seeking non-union child actors to audition for a dramatic, low-budget

short film to be shot over Columbus Day Weekend, October 10-12, 2009. The film’s

message relates to the tremendous toll that child custody litigation take on children. The

film focuses upon children’s interaction with the court system and will include no scenes

inappropriate for children.

Great experience and exposure! A multi-Grammy winning composer will

contribute to the film’s score and other award-winning professionals will be involved as

well. Nominal compensation to help defray expenses a possibility – actors selected to

audition will be notified prior to audition dates whether and how much compensation can

be paid.

When: Auditions will be held Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28, 2009, from

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Call-backs: Saturday July 11.

Where: The location (in CT) will be sent to those applicants selected to audition.

Who: Non-union applicants only.

Principal Roles: Three siblings from a Caucasian family:

Danny Sherwood: A sweet but anxious 9 to 10-year-old boy who becomes overwhelmed by his parents’

divorce. Must be capable of demonstrating a wide range of emotions with subtlety.

Emily Sherwood: A 14-year-old girl who masks her pain with a hard, sometimes sarcastic demeanor, but

shows a softer side as well. Gymnastic experience a plus but not required.

Jake Sherwood: A slightly goofy but lovable 6 to 7-year-old boy who takes his cues from his older brother.

Must have ability to cry on cue.

Non-Speaking Roles:

Teenager (1): Cool and seemingly detached African-American 15-year-old waiting in a courthouse

reception area, who unexpectedly reveals a sensitive side.

Skateboarders (2): Two boys, about 12 years old, who are good on skateboards; mixed ethnicity.

Little Leaguer (1): One girl, aged 9 to 11, non-Caucasian.

Contact: Please e-mail resumes and headshots (if available) for consideration to and put “TTS Casting” on the reference line. INCLUDE


be opened. Make sure to specify the part for which you are auditioning. Once resumes

are reviewed, sides and additional information will be sent to actors selected to audition.






Females and Males 18+

*Call Melanie at (860) 306-3020 or email for more information*


This is just a reminder that Ahtspot’s 4th Annual Open Call is this Monday, June 22nd at Tazza Café – 250 Westminster St. Providence , RI at 7:00pm – Doors open at 6:00pm – Show starts at 7:15pm.  The event is free and open to the public!  This is an event for any actor, director, producer, casting director, theatrical director, filmmaker or entertainer and is a unique event not to be missed!

This year’s event will be hosted by the talented John Ring and Beth Hicks!  A reminder that performers have only two minutes on stage and if they go over there time they will be silly strung off the stage.  This year’s special guest silly stringers are Jay Walker from the RIFC’s 48 Hour Film Project and Chuck Slavin from the Filmmaker’s Shindig.  Many local talent and people looking for talent will be in attendance.

Actors and performers, if you have not yet pre-registered, please do so before Sunday night.  The ability to pre-register to perform at this event will cease sometime during Sunday evening.  If you plan on registering at the event, registration starts at 6:00pm and lines usually start forming early.  If you have pre-registered, please remember to check in when you arrive.

Finally, if you are participating or thinking about participating in the Providence 48 Hour Film project, this is a great event to attend!  You can cast talent right after the show, pick up new crew members or get yourself on a team.  The 48 Hour Film project is sponsored by the Rhode Island Film Collaborative and is a great way to get involved in filmmaking!  There will be a table in the back of the room with all of the information and plenty of people to help explain it.

So we hope to see everyone there!

Ahtspot's Open Call is an 18+ Event - 21+ to drink. Children under 18 must be with a parent/guardian.

Please plan additional time for traffic and parking.  Free parking can be difficult downtown.  Paid parking is ample.


The CT Film Festival is seeking actors who have availability on Thursday, June 4th during the day for a series of table reads of script excepts by emerging CT writers.  The readings will be videotaped and the final recording can be sent later for your portfolio.
Location:  Danbury, CT (St James Church) - you must register first by email
Actors need only be available for block of time during the day of at least 1 hour. If you have more time, you can be scheduled for multiple script readings.
 This is not a casting call--all those who are signed up via email will be in the readings. See contact below to register and be cast. No headshots needed, but we'd like to hear what you do with these scenes!
CONTACT;   Linda Peckel      -  at any time - send your contact number and the hours you can be available, as well as your particular areas of strength
Via phone after 6pm only on Tues and Wed.


June 2, 2009

The Dickie Ecklund and Micky Ward Story starring Mark Wahlberg

Actresses (25 - 40 yrs) to play
'Tough Broads' and
 Actors (25 - 40 yrs) to play 'Crack Addicts'

Thursday, JUNE 4
10 AM - 4:00 PM


Open to Union and Non-Union

For more info visit



Casting Notice for Ultra Low-Budget, Independent Feature Serial Buddies

Shooting May 31st - June 30th in Windham County, Connecticut

Frat Guy: Early 20's, the stereotypical college aged Abercrombie wearing frat type.
Promoter: Early 30's, Slick and polished Hollywood type.
Dr Von Gearhart: 60-70, Patriarch of the Von Gearhart family. Beaten down from years of dealing with his son Gregory.
Tex: 30-40, Big and Burly, the main henchman for the Biker- Big Chicken.
Pimp: Seedy Kevin Federline type.

Please email headshot and resume for consideration to:


Long Wharf Theatre, under the leadership of Artistic Director Gordon Edelstein and Managing Director Ray Cullom, will be hosting Equity and Non-Equity auditions for its 2009-2010 season.

Auditions for Non-Equity actors will be held Monday, June 1, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Equity actors will be seen Tuesday, June 2, 2009, from 9:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Auditions will be held at Long Wharf Theatre, located at 222 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT.

Auditioners are required to prepare either a brief contemporary monologue or a brief song; or 16 bars of a song and a one-minute monologue. If singing, bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.

To reserve an audition time, call 203-787-4282. For more information about auditions, visit

Music: Harvey Schmidt
Book/Lyrics: Tom Jones
Director: Amanda Dehnert.
1st rehearsal: September 8, 2009
Runs October 7 – November 1, 2009

The Mute:  Man, 20s – 30s. Silent magician, apprentice to El Gallo. Never speaks, but watches and helps the story along with a gentle good humor and occasional gullible mistakes. Seeking a great physical actor, great mime and strong silent comedian. Actor must have strong magic/illusionist skills (strong sleight-of-hand with cards and objects.

El Gallo:  Man, 40s. Charismatic, with shades of danger. Alternately the compassionate narrator and “El Gallo”, the con man/trickster with great comic chops. Master illusionist, with the mysterious magic of a man who can appear to be very approachable when he wants. Must move well (dance training a plus); seeking an actor with strong physicality and stage combat experience. Bass-baritone.

Luisa:  Woman, 20s. Willful, impulsive. Lovely. Strong-core young woman who isn’t content to just live an ordinary life. Has a vivid imagination. Seeking actress with strong sense of comedy, and dance skills. Versatile, strong soprano.

Matt:  Man, 20s. Earnest, smart, bookish; the “good son” who wants to break out of that mold and be his own man. What he lacks in imagination he makes up for in determination. Seeking actor with strong comedic chops and good movement/dance skills. Baritenor.

Hucklebee: Man, late 40s – mid 50s. Matt’s father. Ex-military, very unromantic, and over-prunes his garden. Always has a plan. Seeking actor with vaudevillian sensibility, great comedic chops and strong movement skills. Baritone.

Bellomy:  Man, late 40s – mid 50s. Luisa’s father. Probably an accountant; a sweeter soul who over-waters his garden. Seeking actor with vaudevillian sensibility, great comedic chops and strong movement skills. Baritone.

Henry: Man. The old actor who seems old and frail, but embodies a prodigious energy. Forgetful, bumbling, lovely – a good-natured Lear. Seeking actor who moves well and can sing in an ensemble number.

Mortimer:  Man, 35 – 50. Working-class clown adept at doing “death” routines as part of the act with Henry. Henry’s caretaker and companion. Strong physical comedian a must.  

by Athol Fugard
Director: Gordon Edelstein.
1st rehearsal: October 27, 2009
Runs November 24 – December 20, 2009.

Henry Parsons:  Caucasian South African man, 50s. Expatriate. University lecturer in Medieval English
Literature. Divorced. Alcoholic. A weak and lonely man.

Adela Venegas:  Hispanic, 30s.
Overweight. Essentially vulnerable and insecure, but tries her best to hide it behind a front of aggressive superiority.

Solly: elderly Jewish man, Eastern European, married to Rachel.

Rachel: elderly Jewish woman, Eastern European, married to Rachel.

by Darci Picoult
Director: Jo Bonney
1st rehearsal: December 8, 2009
Runs January 6 – February 7, 2010

Lillian Eldridge:  About to turn 90. Vivacious. Likes to wear wigs.

Charlie Eldridge:  Mid 80s. Lillian’s husband. A bit forgetful.

Stephanie: 60. Lillian and Charlie’s daughter. Struggles with her weight. Insecure.

Tommy:  30. Stephanie’s son. Musician.

Deirdre:  20s. Tommy’s girlfriend.

by A. R. Gurney
Director: Eric Ting
1st rehearsal: January 19, 2010
Runs February 17 – March 14, 2010
Seeking Sylvia, Greg, Kate, Tom, Phyllis, Leslie. 

Long Wharf Theatre, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, recognizes the need for expanding the participation of ethnic minorities (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American and Native American), women Actors and Actors with disabilities in their artistic process and will make an effort to cast these individuals in roles where race, ethnicity, gender, or the presence or absence of a disability is not germane.


CT Film Festival "WRITERS UNBLOCKED" Casting Call - Tues June 2nd in Danbury

DATE:    Tuesday, June 2nd
              9:00AM  - 5:00 PM  (Set up begins at 8:30 AM and we close up at 5:30)
LOCATION:  Danbury Music Center
                   256 Main Street, Danbury
CASTING FOR:   Table Readings of 10-minute script exerpts by emerging writers, which will be digitally recorded. Currently we have 18 scripts registered for the program, each with 3-6 castable parts, including narrator.  This can provide a wonderful exercise for a large number of actors, and we invite you to let your actors know about it.

The call will only be for one day and there will be no call backs.
CASTING CALL:  Actors are asked to prepare a 3-minute monologue of comedy or drama.  Headshots are not necessary.  At sign-in, all actors must provide a cell phone number and hours when they can be available on Wed and Thursday to participate in the readings.  The actors will be contacted directly by cell phone by the writers, and can schedule their time accordingly. They may have multiple requests for bookings.
READINGS:  Wed June 3rd and Thursday June 4th
The readings will be scheduled for 45-minute blocks over Wed and Thursday (Location TBD in downtown Danbury)
The Readings will involve a 30 minute rehearsal period, followed by a 15-minute cold table read.
Actors are invited to check the Connecticut Film Festival website for other events throughout the week:  

All email queries to  


The Southeastern Connecticut Filmmakers organization is having another open call casting session from 10AM till 6PM on March 14th & 15th.

Last year SECTFilm produced several award winning short films. This year we have several projects on our production slate and due of the diversity of these projects, there are no specific types, ages, or gender that we are looking for.

Everyone is welcome and we encourage new talent as well as SAG and AFTRA members to participate.

During the audition, we will take your photograph to keep on file and will tape a dry reading from a scene that has been selected by our directors. If you have a prepared monologue we will tape that as well, and if you have a resume or head shot...please bring a copy with you.

The auditions will be held at:

The Garde Art Center Meeting Room
305 State Street.
New London, Connecticut 06320


The building is next to the Garde Art Center at the corners of Meriden & State street in downtown New London. Right across the street from Hanafins Pub.
Please provide time to find suitable parking.
There is no appointment needed... the auditions will be arranged on first come / first serve basis. Please allow 20 – 30minutes wait time for the audition. We will have two rooms running simultaneously and each audition will last from 5 – 10minutes.
Children are invited as well. We recommend for all parents to aim for the earlier hours. And again, we would like to meet with the child and his/her parents for approx. ten minutes.
FYI, Even if you have no acting experience in front of a camera, or maybe you've only modeled for a photo shoot, please stop by. As you know this business is run by relationships and we would like to meet with as many local actors as possible.

For more information email us at:

Thank you for your time... We look forward to meeting you!


To be considered for background extra work (ONLY!)
on the ABC TV pilot "See Kate Run", please attend the:

Open Casting Call

Saturday, March 7, 2009
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

300 W. 1st St.
Boston, MA

(Yes, it is a warehouse- and looks like one!)
It is at the corner of W. 1st St and E St.
The entrance door faces W. 1st St and has a sign on it that says "300 W. 1st".
*If you are at a door that does not have this sign, please find the correct one...
We only have access to that one door.
*Parking is open and free. There are a number of parking lots around this entrance and we ask that you please park legally in one of them. On-street parking may be limited to residents only.

To be eligible to work as an extra on this pilot, you must be able to show proof that you are legally able to work for any employer in the U.S.

What you should bring:
-Completed sizecard (DOWNLOAD from
-Headshot (or a recent photo, you MUST bring a photo)
-Pen (Always, to casting calls and to the set, bring a pen)

With so many people showing up at the casting call, those who come with what is asked are already ahead of the game!




NEW HAVEN - Long Wharf Theatre, under the leadership of Artistic Director Gordon Edelstein, invites local Non-Equity actors of all ages to audition for Finding the Sun by Edward Albee and Seagulls by Caryl Churchill, to be produced by the Next Stage Program, a program for early career theatre professionals. 

Finding the Sun is Edward Albee’s quirky but profoundly human exploration of eight individual lives intersecting on a New England beach one hot July afternoon. When old lovers meet, mothers meddle, and generations come together, they are forced to re-examine their lives in a new light.

Seagulls follows a British woman named Valery trying to regain her mysterious powers after they suddenly vanish in this mesmerizing offering by Caryl Churchill. Despite her manager’s pushing and a young fan’s encouragement, Valery strives to find herself even as she seeks the courage to continue.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, Feb. 10 and Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Each audition will be five minutes.

Callbacks will be held Thursday, Feb. 12 starting at 6:00 pm. Rehearsals will be held 3-4 times a week, evenings and weekends beginning February 23. Performance dates will be Friday, April 24, at 8:00 pm; Saturday, April 25, at 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm; and Sunday, April 26, at 2:00 pm. Please note that we are unable to offer compensation for actors in these roles.

All actors should bring a current resume and headshot. While walk-ins will be accommodated, appointments are strongly recommended and may be made by contacting Bradley Diuguid at 203-787-4284 (x262) or If you are not available for the dates above, please contact Bradley Diuguid to inquire about alternative arrangements.

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues that run no more than two minutes each. If you are invited to callbacks, please bring a calendar of conflicts that may interfere with the rehearsal period. Actors may audition for one or both plays.

We are seeking non-Equity actors for all of the following roles:

Finding the Sun:
ABIGAIL: Early to mid 20’s, married young, haunted by unfulfilled dreams and a desire to feel wanted.  Yearns for love and recognition from her husband Benjamin. A wounded soul.
BENJAMIN: Late 20’s to early 30’s, apathetic to his less-than-ideal marriage to Abigail.  Lacks sensitivity to other people’s pain and selfishly desires Daniel’s love. 
CORDELIA: Mid to late 20’s. Comes across as straightforward, pulled-together, and focused, but maintains an inwardly manipulative quality. 
DANIEL: Mid to late 30’s. Hides beneath a delightful sense of humor and sarcasm.  Harbors a deep desire to reconcile broken relationships, despite his sarcastic comments.
EDMEE: Mid 40’s.  Single mother. Instructive and protective, matter-of-fact, wants the best for her son, though is not fully aware of his inquisitive personality.
FERGUS: Teenager. Top marks in high school. Maybe a genius. Eager, particular, and uninhibited. Looking for answers to life’s big questions as only an adolescent boy can do.
GERTRUDE: Early to mid 60’s.  Nosey and proud of it.  Seeking both adventure and security as she pries into other people’s lives.
HENDEN: Early to mid 70’s.  A comfortable spirit, non-judgmental, and grateful.  In love with life and open to its simple pleasure.  Willing to admit to his fears and pleasures.

VALERY: F, late 20’s-early 30’s.  Young housewife, old soul.
DI: F, mid-late 20’s. Valery’s assistant and friend.  Business-like.
CLIFF: M, early-mid 20’s.  College student.  Idealistic pursuer of truth; comic book geek. 

Next Stage Productions is a young company of artists in residence at the Tony Award-winning Long Wharf Theatre, located at 222 Sargent Drive in New Haven, CT. For more information, visit

Jan 23, 24, 25

Turmoil Films and Baker Street Productions will hold a casting call
for an upcoming feature film written and directed by Christopher D. Grace
The working title for the film is “Michael’s Lament” and will begin filming early March 2009
The project will be both SAG signatory and non-union, and actors will be compensated.

The casting schedule will be:
Friday Jan 23rd 6:30 – 10pm
Saturday Jan 24th 9am-6pm
Sunday Jan 25th 9am -6pm

The production will be casting for the following principal roles:

Clara- early to mid 20’s girl next door type, but with an edge

Lucy- mid 20’s, African American woman, diva, temptress

Patty- Mid 20’s to early 30’s, attractive, cute, street hardened

Lana- early 20’s, sheltered

Zitto- Male, sleazy, pimp, late 30’s to mid 40’s. Age somewhat flexible

Marv- over 50, salt of the earth type character

Marie- 20’s to early 30’s, Asian woman, atractive

Please send HEADSHOT and RESUME to
***Please include the title “The Lament” and the name of the character you’re interested in auditioning for in the subject line***

Upon receipt of your headshot & resume, you will be contacted to schedule a time slot and sides will be provided for each character with the exception of two.

Auditions will be held at the Baker Street Productions studio
1165 Massachusetts Ave. Suite 201 Arlington, MA 02476

Thank you very much.


Turmoil Films
Baker Street Productions

Centerstage, a multi-award winning theatre in Westport, CT, will hold
auditions for an ensemble based, regularly performing improv troupe on
Jan. 17th at 4:00 p.m.

Long and short form improvisation will be featured and directed by a
Second City Conservatory, Annoyance, and ImprovOlympic (Chicago)
trained actress. Bring headshot/resume and come ready to play.

Seabury Center
45 Church Lane
Westport, CT

Transportation from train station will be provided for NY actors cast
in the troupe.  No pay but excellent showcase vehicle, networking
opportunity, and exploration of the art form with like-minded

Rehearsals will be held on Sunday evenings and performances will be
primarily alternating Saturday evenings.

Questions should be directed to

>From NYC: Take Metro North or Amtrak to Wesport (CT) train station,
from there take Saugatuck Taxi Service (203) 571-1111 or Westport Star
Taxi (203) 227-5157 to the Seabury Center located in the Westport
Center (45 Church Lane)
CT residents: Take I-95 or Rt. 15 to Seabury Center located in
Westport Center (45 Church Lane), parking is available in Church
parking lot or large adjoining parking lot.

Artistic Director, Jill Jaysen
Improv Director, Heather DeLude

Heather DeLude graduated from the University of Florida where as a
Theatre major she was introduced to the world of Improvisation through
Theatre Strike Force and The Big Stinkin' International Improv
Festivals (Austin, TX). Upon graduation she trained and performed with
the Second City Conservatory, The Improv Olympic (Chicago & IO West),
The Annoyance, and ComedySportz (Chicago). She has had the honor of
working with the late Del Close, Martin DeMatt, and Paul Sills as well
as fantastic teachers such as Gary Austin (The Groundlings), Mick
Napier, Mark Sutton, and Joe Bill. This is her fourth consecutive year
of teaching improv classes for middle school, high school, and adult
students at Centerstage.  She currently works as a teacher, director,
guest artist, and performer throughout New England where she lives
with her husband, daughter, and new baby boy!

Fierro Films

Click banner for more information

DITCH will be holding a casting call for all character auditions on Oct. 5, 2008 

at 11:00am - 5:00pm, (Actors Gym People: 10-11:00 or @ own convenience) 

at Tripeg Studios in Hamden CT, come anytime during 11am-5:00pm.

Please visit and from the list of characters choose 

the roles you know you can play and would like to read for. Please meet the required 

age range of the part(s) you wish to audition for.  Once again this is a non-union, 

non-paying feature film shooting end of October, distribution online and festival exposure, 

as well as provided demo reel per request.

Tripeg Studios is located at:

2155 State Street
Hamden, Connecticut 06517



This project has been cast.

Check back soon for other opportunities.

Men needed for ESPN – Nutri System Commercial, Tuesday, Aug 26th

Extras Specs
* Men
* Age: 35 – 45
* Weight  25 – 40 pounds overweight
* Mix of races (caucasian, african-american, etc)

Client: NutriSystem
Casting through Actors Gym
Contact: Reno Venturi
Production Company:
Big Shot Pictures
Shoot date: Tuesday, Aug 26th
Shoot Location: East Hartford, CT

Email Headshot/photo to

Questions call: 203-804-7044

 Flat rate $150 for the day
Lunch will be provided.

If you are not right for this casting, feel free to submit info for future projects.


MORE OPPORTUNITIES! - Tell them you heard about it at the GYM!


Local actors, ages 18+, are invited to audition for the 2008/2009 Season at the Tony Award-winning Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT.  EQUITY ACTORS will be seen at the theater from 10:00am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, September 17, and Monday, September 22; NON-EQUITY ACTORS on Thursday, September 18, and Friday, September 19.  Actors should prepare one classical monologue and one contemporary monologue, not to exceed three minutes in combined length.  Actors are also invited to prepare 16 bars of a song to be sung a cappella in place of one of the monologues (please inform reception when you sign up for your appointment). 

All actors should bring a current resume and headshot.  Equity actors should also bring their Equity membership cards.  While walk-ins will be accommodated, appointments are highly recommended and may be made beginning Wednesday, August 27, by calling the Box Office at 203-787-4282 between 10:00am and 5:00pm. 

For more information:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Because Long Wharf holds auditions in NYC for each production, we are especially seeking actors with access to local housing at this call.
2. Actors will be seen by Eric Ting, Associate Artistic Director, and/or T. Paul Lowry, Associate Producer.
3. Long Wharf will be casting for all available roles for the 2008/2009 season (see attached list).
4. Directions: 
a. Train: Metro North to Union Station, New Haven, CT, and take a cab to the theatre.
b. Car: Take Exit 46 off I-95 and follow the signs.
5. Equity actors must bring their Equity membership cards. If you have questions about your Equity status, contact Actors’ Equity Association, 165 West 46th Street, New York, NY.  The phone number is 212-869-8530.  You cannot be seen without your membership card.
2008/2009 Season includes *:

Director: Tina Landau
1st rehearsal: October 21, 2008.  Runs: November 26 – December 21

Keckley: African-American, Female, late 40s - early 50s.
Mary Todd Lincoln: Caucasian, Female, late 40s - early 50s.
Hanna, Aggy: African-American, Female, 20s.
Jessa: African-American, Female, child.
Raz, Ann Surratt, Statesman: ** Female, Caucasian, 20s.
Woman, Mary Suerrat, Clara Barton, Etc: ** Female, Caucasian, 40s.
Abe Lincoln: Male, Caucasian, late 40s - 50s, comic.
Chester, Nicholay, Shoemaker, Etc: ** Male, Caucasian, late teens – early 20s.
Jim Wormley, Black Soldier 2, Willy Mack, Etc: ** African-American, Male, 20s.
Male Ensemble: Caucasian,  40s - 50s.
White Man 1 and 2, Lee, Grant, Bingham, Whitman, etc: Male

** possibly seeking non-equity actors for these roles


COMING HOME.  By Athol Fugard. 
Director: Gordon Edelstein
1st rehearsal: December 9, 2008.  Runs: January 14 – February 8, 2009

Veronica Jonkers: Young woman in her late twenties.
Mannetjie Jonkers: Her son. About five years old when we first see him; he has a much darker complexion than his mother.
Alfred Witbooi: Same age as Veronica.
Oupa Jonkers: Veronica’s grandfather – an old man.


SCARBOROUGH.  By Fiona Evans. 
Director: Eric Ting
1st rehearsal: January 27, 2009.  Runs: February 18 – March 22
All ethnicities encouraged. Actors should have a British working class dialect.
NB: There will be some brief scenes of nudity in this production, but no nudity will be required for auditions.

Daz: 15 years old, British working class.
Lauren: 29 years old, British working class.  A Phys-Ed teacher.
Aiden: 29 years old, British working class.  A Phys-Ed teacher.
Beth: 15 years old, British working class.


Ernest Hemingway’s THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA.  Adapted by Eric Ting + Craig Siebels.
Director: Eric Ting
1st rehearsal: March 3, 2009.  Runs: April 1 – 26

The Old Man: Cuban, Male, weathered, 60s – 70s.
The Boy: Cuban, Male, teens.
The Man: Cuban, Male, a giant with a child-like innocence, 30s.


THE GLASS MENAGERIE.  By Tennessee Williams. 
Director: Gordon Edelstein
1st rehearsal: April 14, 2009.  Runs: May 13 – June 7

Gentleman Caller

* subject to change

Fierro Films

Now taking submissions for casting their new HD feature


Email: with your resume, head shot and desired character.

This is a non-union production, non-pay. Great for resume piece, direct to DVD release online on and also will be played at a variety of film festivals. Great chance to meet new people and make a great movie!

Production is scheduled to begin in mid October but may change. The feature is a 1 to 1 1/2 week production.

Thank You!

 Synopsis: Morris had it all. A great job, cool apartment, and an almost reasonable girl friend. Until the day came when an online hacker stole his identity and ran his credit into the shitter. Forced to quit his job and move in with his best bud CJ, Morris ends up working as a janitor at a local firm. In the middle of it all his girl friend dumps him for a Swedish dog trainer, lets just say Morris could be in a better situation at the moment. A local television studio that produces his television show called D'Basement is closing in a half year. His girl friend Allison comes back into his life in an awkward turn of events and Morris's friends don't like it.







Main character, works as a janitor, young man in his twenty's,  average looking, medium build. Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role. Long lines, strong performer.



In his late 20's husky, construction worker. Morris's best friend.
Good at improv, supporting character role. Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



A younger man in his 20's, Morris's friend, stoner type character. Very good at improv. In many scenes with Renee. Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



A slick ladies man, bar tender. Morris's friend. Laid back and cool. Supporting role. Good with direction.



Mostly drunk all the time. Miserable, very comedic, hates his wife. Good with direction.



Overweight. Works with Morris as a janitor, very comedic. Good at improv.
Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



Studio manager. Always crying about losing the studio which his father created. Funny, good at improv skills. Takes good direction.



Loud, angry Asian man. He is Morris's boss, always nags. Can play a good comedic role, improv is key. Very funny.
Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



Morris's Girl Friend. Very attractive, flirty, sneaky, etc.
Can give a good strong performance, semi long lines.



Allison's father, hates Allison. Must be able to play a great character with an Australian accent. A man in his 40's clean shaven, slick hair and sunglasses.
Very funny. Improv is a must. Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



Morris's crush. Laura works as a secretary at the law firm. Attractive, happy, out going.
Can give a good strong performance.



Swedish dog trainer, Allison's friend. Must be able to pull off a good Swedish accent. Very funny character. Good at Improv.
Must be able to take direction well to play a good comedic role.



Shawn is Laura’s boy friend. A big jerk. Someone to play a good ass hole. Very comedic.



Girl/Guy, Someone to serve as a waiter at a restaurant

Ice Cream Employee


Crazy employee at ice cream bar that Tom and Morris always go to. Loud, funny, weird. Able to play a good strong performance.

Slippery Brittany


Attractive girl who Morris friends try to hook him up with.

Renee's Customer Girl


Attractive girl Renee meets on a small plumbing job in the middle of the movie.

Older Lady


Attractive girl's grand mother, in the scene she runs by Renee and checks him out, some dialogue.



We need extras for a park scene, bar scene and a lunch scene.







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