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Ongoing Classes - 

Acting Truthfully 

Intermediate/Advanced Acting

Reno Venturi

After working the last couple of years separately with intermediate and advanced acting students, I have discovered that they seem to learn from each other a great deal. I have combined these two levels and have seen an accelerated growth rate from both. 

What do we mean when we say an actor is being truthful? After all, they are acting — they’re not really the person they’re playing in the show; they haven’t really lost their loved one, or been shot, or even defeated the evil villain. What they have done is learn how to personally relate to and empathize with the character’s experience, behave in a manner, both physically and emotionally, that makes sense for the character in that particular situation, and created that behavior so specifically that we, the audience, can’t help but identify with him or her in a meaningful way

Intermediate/Advanced level acting course is for those with previous workshop  performance experience who are interested in exploring their uniqueness through scene study and special exercises.

Tuesdays - Some Openings


7:30 - 10:00

$45 per session - on-Going ( 6 weeks minimum, no refunds )

$55 drop in (At least 1 hour notice if not attending, otherwise no refunds)

On-Going - $45.00
Drop-In - $55.00

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