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How much time is spent developing a story, finding a great film crew and editor and creating FX? None of this really matters if what the audience sees in the final-product is the actor. If the actor hasnít done their job as effectively as anticipated then perhaps the director hasnít effectively communicated with the talent.

Communicating with actors on the film set is an art in itself. During this one day course, you will discover techniques for motivating actors to reach their best performances. Through scene study, improvisations, exercises and script analysis, the directors and writers in the class will gain insight into how actors work and develop a practical directorial toolset. Understanding the psychology of a scene, the arc, the beats and rhythm, a specific context for critique and a clear vocabulary with which to communicate with actors.

Actors will be available for you as you are given a chance to direct various scenes. The course can be very rewarding for those seeking to seriously understand and work with actors, and ultimately end up with a more professional, polished piece of cinema.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

11:00am - 6:00pm (1 hour break)



  $99  -  Currently enrolled at the Actors Gym

Classes held at The Actors Gym Studio

Located at

Actors Gym Studios

3013 Dixwell Ave



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