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For those actors who are serious about taking it to the next level!


Film & TV Class

The Film and TV class is for anyone wanting to explore the realities of working in front of a camera.

Through a combination of scene study, camera technique and on-set terminology, The Film and TV class is designed to help an actor move their technique from the requirements of stage work to on-camera. Each week  will review and add new techniques covering many types of scripts and “one set” situations.

Work out your acting muscles and stay honed for your auditions.

"Work out" every week using TV/Film sides so that you are always
prepared and camera ready.

Take the anxiety out of auditioning by doing it every week.

Learn practical approaches to easily make concrete and appropriate
choices. Learn to recognize and adjust to Hour Long, Episodic, Co -Star, Guest
Star, Sit Com, commercial and Film roles.

Find the core of the scene, learn practical approaches to make concrete
and appropriate choices and "tweak" moments to get maximum results.

Using the techniques we will cover, students move closer to the realities of work in front of the camera with a director and crew.

Each Student will receive a Vimeo link of their completed project.

Classes are are all held live at the Actors Gym Studio. If you have concerns and would like to sign up and join via Zoom please contact our office at

203-804-7870 and inform us and we will make arrangements to get you connected.

 Thursday(s) August 11, 2022

6 Sessions                                               

7:00 - 9:30

Class size 12


General Student




Classes held at

Actors Gym Studio

3013 Dixwell Ave

Hamden, CT 06516




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