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For those actors who are serious about taking it to the next level!

Basic Makeup for stage and film

Donít be at the mercy of someone else to make you look amazing!

In this one day workshop we will cover:


Corrective makeup

Straight makeup for women


Straight makeup for men

Middle age makeup

Old age makeup

Aging the face and hands with highlight and shadow

Special effects with latex- to include aging

                                                            Aging with tissue


                                                            Peeling skin


A discussion on:

Appliances, lifts, and special effects for the scalp and teeth.

Personal Make-up kits suggested and available online at, or directly from Ben Nye or Mehron.

You will need at least Student Kit for class. Kit's run from $16 to $200, Ben Nye has a pretty decent starter student kit for $22 but it won't last long. It is called "Ben Nye Personal Student Theatrical Cream Kit"

I have always kept mine in a plastic tackle box or you can invest in actual makeup kit boxes.

I will have liquid latex for everyone to use or you can certainly purchase a bottom at the afore mentioned websites.


Ages: 13- infinity

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Time: 12:00 - 6:00

Fee:  New Student - $129.00

         Currently enrolled in a class at the AG - $119

Enrollment Limit: 10

            Water and soda provided but there will be a 45 minute break for lunch if you choose to bring something or would like to grab something near by.


$129.00 (Not currently enrolled in another AG class)

$119.00 (Currently enrolled in an AG class)

Classes held at The Actors Gym Studio

Located at

Actors Gym Studios

3013 Dixwell Ave



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